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Noggle Stones

Wil Radcliffe


Wil Radcliffe signs with respected toy licensor, Clayton Brown of Cyclone Studios


(Coldwater, MI) Noggle Stones author Wil Radcliffe may seem a bit old to be playing with toys. But perhaps he's just young enough to dream about making them. With a novel, youth archery line, and audio book already on the market, the Noggle Stones licensing machine continues to build momentum with a proposed toy line. Radcliffe has signed with Alberta based licensing firm, Cyclone Studios, to develop toys, action figures, and games based upon the acclaimed young adult fantasy novel.


Cyclone Studios head, Clayton Brown, is no stranger to the industry, representing respected comic book publishers like AC Comics and Centurion Premiere. Cyclone Studios has developed projects in the past with Castaway Toys, Tornado Toys, HBW film, and even the world famous Calgary Stampede. When offered the chance to represent Noggle Stones in the toy industry, Brown saw a unique opportunity to be part of an emerging fantasy brand.


"It's not often that something comes along like Noggle Stones," says Brown. "I feel this book will soon be looked upon with the same esteem and reverence as The Wizard of Oz series. Cyclone Studios is honored to be able to help stack some of the bricks onto what is rapidly becoming the foundation of a new literary classic!"


In signing with Cyclone Studios, Radcliffe saw an opportunity as well. "Working with someone of Clayton's experience and knowledge is key in taking Noggle Stones to the next level in branding. As a kid I can remember how much I enjoyed playing with my action figures. Now we hope to bring that same kind of passion and joy to kids and collectors with a line of Noggle Stones toys."


Fantasy fans from all over the world can experience the magic of Noggle Stones through the Noggle Stones Card Game, Noggle Stones Youth Archery Line, and Noggle Stones Role-Playing Game.


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