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05/29/12 - The print edition of the Noggle Stones Role-Playing Game is now on sale! Ask your local comic book or gaming store to order a copy, or buy it here! Check back for updates!

02/04/12 - Noggle Stones Book I and Noggle Stones Book II are now both available! You can buy special exclusive editions from 3Rivers Archery, or you can buy them for your Kindle! Stop by the Order page for information.

The Noggle Stones Role-Playing Game is now available as a digital download. Check out the Noggle Stones Home Page for more information.

Noggle Stones fans can now interact on the TOG Entertainment and Sanguine Games forums. Check out the Forums page.

11/24/11 - Noggle Stones is back! Just in time for the Holidays, 3Rivers Archery is offering an exclusive, autographed edition of Noggle Stones Book II: The Tragic Empire!   Check back often for word on the new edition of Noggle Stones Book I: The Goblin's Apprentice!

7/27/11 - Can't find the Noggle Stones book? Fear not! TOG Entertainment is publishing a new edition, featuring new content, a new cover, and full illustrations! Not only that, but TOG is publishing Noggle Stones, Book II: The Tragic Empire, the sequel to Noggle Stones! Both will be out soon! Check back for updates!

10/12/10 - The Noggle Stones card game will be available from TOG Entertainment on 10/15/2010! Be sure to stop by the TOG web site for updates!

03/12/10 - A Noggle Stones strategic card game will be coming out soon from TOG Entertainment! Check back often for updates!

05/04/09 - Wil Radcliffe has signed with respected Toy Licensor, Clayton Brown of Cyclone Studios. Read the press release here.

11/01/08 - Noggle Stones has been making NEWS! Check out our Media Page for the latest, Television, Radio, and Newspaper interviews with Wil Radcliffe!

08/20/08 - Noggle Stones Youth Archery Gear is now available! 3Rivers Archery is offering The Bow of the Nagonene, The Ratcatcher Quiver, The Ratcatcher Armguard, Noggle Stones Arrows, and exclusive autographed copies of the Noggle Stones novel! These products are great for getting young people interested in the time-honored sport of archery! They're also perfect for SCA and Renaissance events and tournaments! Stop by the 3Rivers Archery web site for more information... including instruction on how you can enter a contest to win THE ENTIRE Noggle Stones Archery Line!

06/14/08 - Wil Radcliffe will be signing copies of Noggle Stones at bookstores throughout the midwest and beyond! Not only will you be able to purchase your own SIGNED copy of Noggle Stones, but you'll also receive a FREE Noggle Stones board game compliments of 3Rivers Archery!
Stop by the Book Signing page for all the latest news! It's THE SUMMER OF THE NOGGLE LORD!

3/12/08 - Noggle Stones protagonist Bugbear is leading the charge in the battle to promote good hygiene! Southend University Hospital in the U.K. has recruited Bugbear for their handwashing campaign. You can view one of their posters here (but please wash your hands when you're done!)

9/28/06 - What does Noggle Stones author, Wil Radcliffe, have in common with comic book writers, Mark Waid and Jeph Loeb? They've all contributed introductions to the recap segment of J.C. Hutchins' podcast novel, 7th Son: Deceit. Be sure to stop by and check it out! You'll hear the voices of some of your favorite graphic novel writers, authors, and podcasters introducing the sequel to one of podcasting's finest epics!

9/13/05 - Noggle Stones is now available as a free podcast on! Two-time Billboard Magazine Award-winner, Gary Allen, brings Noggle Stones to life through MP3! Stop by, register, and download the entire book for FREE!

8/24/05 - Now you can download Noggle Stones Wallpapers for your desktop in the Downloads section!

2/19/05 - Wil Radcliffe has been featured in premier Hollywood trade publication, The Hollywood Reporter. The article details Radcliffe's recent signing with Platinum studios to create and develop four horror properties for graphic novels and film. The article can be found here. Additionally, Wil Radcliffe has been featured in several on-line articles including The Pulse at and Newsarama. More articles can be found here

Veteran comic artist Ernie Colón has illusrated a Noggle Stones ad that will appear in an upcoming issue of Cracked Magazine! He's also developed some art for the Noggle Stones board game! Go to the Artwork section of the site!

3/07/04 - Wil Radcliffe has partnered with JDB Games to develop the Noggle Stones board game! The game shall closely follow the design of the Noggle Stones game in the novel. Keep checking in for more details as they become available!

11/16/03 - The first International Noggle Day was a resounding success! Both the signing in Angola, Indiana and the signing in Fort Wayne, Indiana went quite well. In addition, author Wil Radcliffe met quite a few other authors and even met with an employee of one of the Fort Wayne Middle Schools to discuss the posibility of getting Noggle Stones into the schools. It was a fun and eventful day! Be sure to view a couple of the pictures here !

10/21/03 - November 8, 2003 has been proclaimed International Noggle Day!
Now you have 2 chances to have your copy of Noggle Stones signed by author, Wil Radcliffe! Stop by Gen's Hallmark in the Country Fair Shopping Center in Angola, Indiana from 10:00 a.m. till Noon! Or stop by Barnes and Noble in the Jefferson Pointe Shopping Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana from 7:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m.!

How do you plan to celebrate Noggle Day? E-Mail the Noggle Lord! The most creative answer will win a free autographed copy of Noggle Stones along with a full color autographed print of Bugbear! Deadline for entries is November 30, 2003.

10/12/03 - Noggle Stones is being featured on The Dragon Page Radio Talk Show, a nationally syndicated science fiction & fantasy radio talk show!
An interview with Noggle Stones author, Wil Radcliffe, will air the week of October 13. Stop by The Dragon Page web site for all the details!

10/07/03 - Noggle Stones author, Wil Radcliffe, will be signing copies of his book at Barnes and Noble Booksellers at the Jefferson Pointe Shopping Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Saturday, November 8th, starting at 7:00 pm!
This is the perfect opportunity to have your book signed if you've already bought one, or to buy a book and have it signed on the spot!

Tudmire has been added to the Characters page!

Noggle Stones has gone international! Now you can order Noggle Stones from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, and Japan!

9/05/03 - Noggle Stones is now on sale at,,, and

8/31/03 - Noggle Stones has been featured in newspapers, radio, and television! The Steuben County Herald-Republican printed an article in their August 28th edition.

In addition, WLKI FM 100.3 aired an interview with Noggle Stones author, Wil Radcliffe on August 28th. The Coldwater Daily Reporter will also print an article about Noggle Stones in the near future.

8/22/03 - Noggle Stones is now on sale at Barnes & Noble! Stop by to check it out!

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