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3Rivers Archery: The World's Largest Traditional Archery Supplier! They have developed a new line of Noggle Stones Youth Archery Gear!

Sanguine Productions: A great Role-Playing Game publisher! They currently publish Usagi Yojimbo, IronClaw, and JadeClaw among others! And coming August, 2011 you'll be able to get the official Noggle Stones Role-Playing Game!

JDB Games: A unique and fantastic game developer and manufacturer who've designed a Noggle Stones board game!

George Broderick Jr.: Check out his amazing artwork on the Noggle Stones card game!

 Fort Wayne Reader - Fort Wayne, Indiana's leading independent Newspaper! A great place to experience your favorite books on a whole new level! Stop by and subscribe to the Noggle Stones podcast by two-time Billboard Magazine award winner, Gary Allen! It's FREE!

Alien Ant - This is the official site of outstanding artist, Darren Stephens!

Fish Monger Art - Official site for Greg Summers and his incredible Fish Art!

Artmonkeys Studio Blog - This is the official blog for comics artist, Dave Lanphear. Dave has done lettering and graphics for some of the biggest and best publishers in comics. - This is the official web site for comics artist, Ben Glendenning.

Runemaster Studios A talented collective of writers, artists, and web designers.

Broken Frontier A fantastic resource for comics, fantasy, and sci fi news! Includes news, columns, reviews, interviews, and a whole lot more! Check 'em out!

Edit Fast: A great editing service! Highly recommended!

Dragon Page: A superb radio talk show devoted to Sci Fi and Fantasy!

Preditors & Editors: An invaluable resource for aspiring writers!

We also highly recommend these great fantasy and science fiction resources!

Fandom Directory: (Online Edition) - Your on-line link to Fandom around the world!

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