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Noggle Stones Named One of the Best Young Adult Titles of 2008 by Midpoint Trade Books!


[New York, NY] -- [February 9, 2009] - Midpoint Trade Books, one of the leading companies providing sales, marketing and distribution for independent publishers worldwide, has named Wil Radcliffe’s Noggle Stones one of the best Young Adult Titles of 2008.

In a time when most fantasy novels feature large, beefy men, scantily clad women and characters that pound each other with maces, lampposts, and other weapons of mass deconstruction, Noggle Stones characters use their minds to unravel mysteries and problems that confront them throughout the course of the novel. In fact, often it's their own minds and hearts that work against them, and they must struggle to find the right path to become the Noggle Lord.

Noggle Stones is the brainchild of YA author Wil Radcliffe who wrote the book as an answer to the many violence-soaked fantasy novels aimed at young adults. There are lessons to be learned in Noggle Stones, but they are never bludgeoned over the reader's head, rather they are skillfully woven into the plot and dialogue.

It's a unique book that recalls the time-honored themes and classic feel of such novels as Lord of the Rings, Huckleberry Finn, The Narnia Chronicles, and the King Arthur legends. So there is something for parents and children.

"Noggle Stones is great fun!" says Barry Cunningham the publisher that discovered J.K. Rowling.

To celebrate this honor, Noggle Stones will be featured at Book Expo America in New York City at the Jacob Javits Center. Wil Radcliffe will be there to sign copies of Noggle Stones on Saturday May 30th.

About the Author: Wil Radcliffe has lived most of his life in a small community in Northeast Indiana. Much of the inspiration for his writing comes from the scenic forests, lakes, and farmland around which he was raised. A 1992 graduate of Ball State University's Telecommunications Department, Radcliffe won the David Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship for a script and storyboards featuring his original character, the mad goblin scholar Bugbear. Additionally, 2009 will see the release of a Noggle Stones role-playing game from Sanguine Productions. Radcliffe is employed as the Creative Specialist at, the world's largest traditional archery supplier, where he is helping to develop a line of Noggle Stones youth archery products. He currently lives in the Midwest with his wife Loubna and daughter Julia.

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