Noggle Stones Book 1, Book 1 1/2, and Book 2 are all now available in print and ebook formats. Click here for ordering information.
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3Rivers Archery is offering exclusive, autographed copies of Noggle Stones Book I: The Goblin's Apprentice, Noggle Stones Book 1 1/2: Bugbear's Travels, and Noggle Stones Book II: The Tragic Empire!

Noggle Stones Book I:  The Goblin's Apprentice Noggle Stones Book 1 1/2:  Bugbear's Travels Noggle Stones Book II:  The Tragic Empire

Also, be sure to check out these great licenced products, including the recently released Noggle Stones Role-Playing Game!

Be Part of the Adventure!

Noggle Stones Role Playing Game
Based upon a the novel by Wil Radcliffe, the Noggle Stones roleplaying game puts the players in the roles of either mysterious creatures of myth and legends, or the humble people of turn-of-the-century America as they seek to overcome the threats of dire combat, of races against time, and of their own inner demons!

The Noggle Stones Role-Playing Game is now available as a digital Download or in print. You can buy the download or print edition from these fine online retailers or get it at your favorite comic or game shop!

DriveThru RPG
Flame Rising
FRP Games

Become the Noggle Lord!

Noggle Stones Card Game

Noggle Stones the Card Game is a game for 2 players. One side plays the Heroes and one side plays Shadow.

The "stones" represent the 5 Hero Characters...Manchester, Bugbear, Maga, Riley and Tudmire. They must unite to form the Noggle Lord in order to destroy the evil Shadow Smith. Each Hero Character must gather its Attribute card and combine together to begin creating the Noggle Lord.

They are opposed by the Shadow Characters... Ollamh Cron, Duergar, Constable Pawe, Magistrate Dunderbeck and the Shadow Smith. Players use Ally, Relic and Event cards to help them gain advantage and do battle against each other. A fast paced game with loads of strategy, players face different challenges in each game they play.

Game Components
50 Hero Cards
50 Shadow Cards
1 Dungeon Card

Buy the Noggle Stones card game today for hours of family fun!

Live the Legend!

Riley Ratcatcher3Rivers Archery has developed an exciting new line of archery equipment based upon Noggle Stones! Handcrafted and made from the finest materials, these archery products are perfect for introducing your favorite young person to the great sport of archery! Or show them off at the latest SCA event! Check out the full line of Noggle Stones Archery Products today!

Listen to the Epic!

Noggle Stones Podiobook
Shunned by his people and tormented by nightmare visions, Bugbear, the mad goblin scholar, ventures into the wilderness with his ne'er-do-well cousin, Tudmire, to seek out an ancient ruin and the lost wisdom it holds.

Soon the cousins find themselves embroiled in cosmic events as their magical world of Annwfn is merged with 19th Century Earth after an accident concerning a mysterious scroll Tudmire acquires in a crooked game of Noggle Stones. While fleeing the enraged ogres they cheated, Bugbear and Tudmire happen upon Martin Manchester, who appears to be a creature of mythology known as a human. Bugbear takes Manchester as his apprentice, agreeing to teach him the empowering ways of Non-Logical Thought. The trio soon discovers that dark forces have aligned against them, and the two worlds may have been merged only to be destroyed!

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